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Features I'd Like To See On Future Windows Releases


That said, there was a lot of other talk about momentum and business functionality, and of course some questions from the audience. So here are some further observations on what was said, and what wasn't said during this presentation. Next Prev See larger image Cortana The Cortana digital assistant is one of Windows Phone 8.1’s standout features, delivering a blend of Siri and Google Now-like functionality wrapped in a delicious, More customizable. navigate here

I'm a huge fan of Sticky Notes’ ability to turn your scribbles into an actual list. If you’re a developer then Bash on Windows 10 is a big deal, for everyone else it’s something you won’t really use. This solves the chicken and egg problem, release a Premium Surface phone with all the bells and wistles (including VR) a watch. In a word, it’s great. http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/207334-features-id-like-see-future-windows-releases.html

Next Version Of Windows After 10

For those people a high powered device with Continuum makes a lot of sense. 1475598131 0 | Reply skane - 3 months ago There are no APIs or tools specific to Xbox Live and broadband internet required for initial download of game to console.11 Internet access fees may apply.† Up to 12 hours of video playback. It is a beautiful piece of hardware, (with the exception of the silly silver speaker bar at the bottom.) It really showcases how equally beautiful the Windows 10 Mobile operating system It has been a busy year that has seen a number of Windows 10 updates with new features and improvements, but the biggest one is arriving on August 2nd.

You’ll also be able to import objects you’ve created in Minecraft.3D is also coming to Microsoft Office, so you can add animated 3D objects to your presentations and… spreadsheets?Elsewhere, and somewhat It’s also rather like taking a Snap in Microsoft Edge. At this point, it's just embarrassing to keep it around. 1475183165 3 | Reply kitron Alpha Member #1895 - 3 months ago They need to stop this BS kill it and Windows 10 Anniversary Update Features Time to put this fantasy to bed.

Windows Ink could be game changing with the right piece of hardware.To find all the new goodies, open up the Windows Ink Workspace. Windows 10 Features If you ask me, Microsoft needs to desparetely get back to what made them successful... This is great for a few Windows Store apps, but common tools such as File Explorer completely ignore it, continuing to display in blinding white. Shame, asi hoped WP would gain traction, but it's never gonna happen (can't see Surface Phone changing it either - it's really all to do with the 3rd party support and

Microsoft is making Windows Hello even better in the Anniversary Update, with integration into apps and websites. Windows 11 It's just very sad. 1475197972 2 | Reply OMR - 3 months ago "“our desire in this space is that Windows Mobile remain the safest, most manageable, most deployable solution for Some might say it was stillborn from the beginning. It is no question the best phone I have ever owned.

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  2. I could go on.
  3. nothing new here....
  4. Microsoft has even improved the system clock in Windows by adding a calendar with a full list of your own events.
  5. Just sit there and let it scan your face or your fingerprint, and then you’re in and ready to go.
  6. Could this be why we see Google following Microsoft's lead on building hardware?
  7. If I am using an iPhone, an iPad, it is pretty tempting, the next time I need a laptop or desktop, to buy a Mac.
  8. After resolving the software incompatibility problems and a dead desktop -- nothing on screen wanted to click -- I found out that Windows 10 hadn't been activated.
  9. You’ll also be able to use your Android phone’s Bluetooth signal to automatically authenticate you and unlock your Chromebook.From universal Windows apps to deep multi-device syncing enabled by OneDrive, Microsoft is
  10. On one side a Windows Phone with Continuum competes with things like Chromebooks.

Windows 10 Features

For the general consumer this will mean nothing, but this is a big deal for developers.Bash and Windows have never played nicely together before, but with this official integration, worked on check over here But, I'm a consumer. Next Version Of Windows After 10 Not so much in basic functionality, but in that it's 100 times more refined than HERE or Bing maps. Windows 10 Mobile Features What more business features did you expect, Paul? 1475233141 1 | Reply jpr75 Alpha Member #1733 - 3 months ago Again, what a shame.

I do not think it is un-biased just the score issue is for me but otherwise a great piece.

LeeTronix July 28, 2015, 9:55 pm It is a very nice piece check over here Apple has three problems: too expensive, Apple drawing you in to a closed ecosystem all the time and iOS is frankly too dull. There is something nice about keeping everything in the same ecosystem. 1475213528 3 | Reply VonBrick Alpha Member #1377 - 3 months ago @MixedFarmer75 I can honestly say that this happened Everything Microsoft did discuss in this session are things that the firm is "actively working on," but it would not commit on a time frame. Windows Ink

This is obviously the feature HP plans to use for its laptop-like dock for the Elite x3. Something Blackberry said about their products a while back. that was it for the future. his comment is here SQL Server on Linux.

Why would you go back to win 7? 1475195781 0 | Reply aarons44 - 3 months ago In reply to kitron: Agree. Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update Its crazy. You will see that in the next year, and in the years after that." That's extremely limited, from an aspiration/goal standpoint.

I foresee many unintended (or maybe intended) consequences. 1475232778 0 | Reply JoeyC203 - 3 months ago Its stuff like this that makes me angry at Microsoft.

I guess M$'s activation servers were massively overwhelmed yesterday.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. After just a year, Microsoft has managed to update Windows 10 with a solid amount of new features. Sketchpad sits between Paint and OneNote as a drawing pad, allowing to you create quick doodles without faffing around with OneNote’s more advanced features. Windows 10 Virtual Desktop For now, this feels like a mish-mash of useful and duplicate features.Cortana and NotificationsMicrosoft’s digital assistant has also benefited from some tweaks, with some new functions that include the ability to

Learn more about this here. I am not the captain of this boat though. If this works out well, Microsoft will never see me again. weblink Tagged with Windows 10 Mobile Premium Comments (48) Comments (45) Join the discussion!

A Dell Venue Pro would give me the Live Tile experience I like and make it easier to read blogs etc than on the Lumia. Well, don’t forget it entirely—it’s still tucked away in a corner of Windows 10 for legacy compatibility purposes. As Windows 10 now powers the Xbox One, Microsoft will start rolling out an update to its console to provide support for Cortana on Xbox One and the new universal apps. It uses a special camera (usually found on the latest PCs and laptops) to scan your face and let you log into Windows without using a password.

For me there is no app gap. It does rather feel like feature creep and, for a lot of people, will surely be quite confusing. There are still many bigger things I’d love to see in Windows, but it’s often all these small additions that make for a better operating system overall. I really like my SP4 and my 950XL, but I already have an Android phone (which I hate but will check out the Pixel or other flagship Android phone before the

Microsoft has nothing to say about inking support in Windows 10 Mobile at this time. So even if the company phone has an extra SIM slot, how many folks are going to want to take their personal SIM out of their shiny new iPhone or Galaxy There is no market for a business only phone, except at a handful of high security companies that lock down their employees. Then I ask so what is the main purpose of cortana on a laptop or desktop.When you cant make it work with the browser YOU want and do some hoops to

I would much rather maintain an RDP session host than lots and lots of local installs of whatever software people use. It's a big undertaking, but it's something Microsoft has been actively working on for Windows 10 to ensure it spans across multiple device types.