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The Clock Keeps Effing Up When I Boot To Windows. Whats Up?


Do something smart with what you find there. All the apps I use sit nicely in the Dash and have the virus scanner and firewall installed too. You end up giving up so much the smaller/energy efficient you attempt to make these computing devices. [email protected]:~$ get sudo apt-get clean No command ‘get' found, but there are 19 similar ones get: command not found [email protected]:~$ apt-get clean E: Could not open lock file /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open this content

Give Linux Mint or Ubuntu Mate a try. must install qt4config. Reason #8: Gaming A couple of years ago, gaming on Linux was a joke.  There were a few open source games that, while fun, were nothing compared to the Call of sudo apt-get install pidgin Install skype Install Skype if you want. http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/300268-clock-keeps-effing-up-when-i-boot-windows-whats-up.html

Windows Linux Dual Boot Time Issue

For gaming just buy a PS4, It is going to cost you less that a Mac. The Internet was made for rants. #77 marees chennai, India August 14, 2014 is there any conflict between LibAV/mplayer2 & ffmpeg/mencoder/mplayer? When are we going to see some kind of common middleware ( eg like common gateway interfaces or ODBC) for device drivers? 6. Competition is good.

  1. Linux offers ME myself and I the opportunity to tweak out the jokers who want to eat my bandwidth, install what I want and pretty much do anything I want.
  2. Reply Sachin December 31st, 2016 wow!!!
  3. Learn and then have an opinion… Reply John Morris December 26th, 2016 Interesting.
  4. I quit after that, terrible experience compared to Visual Studio.
  5. complicated - yes.
  6. So i told Jeremy, who was great by the way, about the issue in full.
  7. Power users are just an small minority of PC users.
  8. Reply brian lamb January 1st, 2017 Hi, Ironically, reason Number 11 is why im here, Yes, ill corroborate the statement about not polite or helful, then onto ‘complete Jerks'.

They're a fad. Which doesn't mean that there isn't a place for voice, but very few people would actually want to use it as their primary control median for the PC. i7/dGPU/512/16GB. Windows 10 Utc Time I like the cutesy interface of cairo-dock, It is much more configurable and additionally supplies the standard menus with a fast search function.

At least the keyboard wasn't something else to keep charged. yes. a paid open-source app would make no sense, lol… aggelalex What about these little computers wich take only 6-8″ space and work as a real PC? http://lifehacker.com/5742148/fix-windows-clock-issues-when-dual-booting-with-os-x The problem is, it does not stick itself to the panel unless you select "autostart" in the preferences after you've started it up from DASH.

If you really want speed, you can try a different distro that's not as resource intensive, or upgrade your computer." FFS!  I feel like an iPhone salesman apologizing for an iOS Windows 10 Time Wrong After Restart This leads to "kernel clot" after 2-3 years if no maintenance is done to remove the old stuff. For example, if you're running kernel 3.13.0-34 (which is current) and have as a backup kernel 3.13.0-32, and have extra kernels 3.13.0-29 and 3.13.0-28, then you would do this: sudo apt-get Understanding what each system brings to the table is key.

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For Servers, Linux is just a kernel - that is Superior working. Hope Microsoft learned from it's mistakes and just helped users intead of it's existance. Windows Linux Dual Boot Time Issue It was from fake ad, and it sounded cool and "free". Windows Ubuntu Dual Boot Time Wrong MS Word is pretty much the standard.

Upping the resolution on a 6″ screen isn't going to help a person needing to work on a spreadsheet a whole lot. news Oh whats that? Also companies like RedHat make money from support. Their computers are way to overpriced and offer older hardware than something I can build. Windows 10 Linux Dual Boot Time

Reply Chris January 7th, 2017 I want to tell you something that happened to me once … a friend of mine his mother had an old computer 1999-2000 year ? I leave in Romania. In Windows, on a fresh install you need to hunt for drivers and install them (rebooting each time). have a peek at these guys And they don't have slots for real expansion cards… So if you want to do something more specific, it says nope.

The only actively running software I have is Steam, Skype, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Google Music Manager, SpyBot (recommended by Google so I have faith that's a reliable program) and Windows Time Wrong After Ubuntu Okay, enough with the jokes.  Yes, the majority of the Linux community is helpful and civil.  Maybe a bit abrupt, but not mean-spirited. at also cause of bloat.

It's a Symbian phone, not Android.

Reply edy December 24th, 2016 I'm agree with you, linux really sucks, is just for people who loves take about 6 hours reading and reading manuals to install the enabler to Is it right to ask candidate why he is applying for developer while he was a leader? Not to mention those are all things that can get lost/broken. Dual Boot Time Difference Yeah, they are enough usable for average everyday use, but not for anything more specific such as video gaming.

Inevitably someone that spends most of their time in consumption mode, is eventually going to need a means to be productive. Reply Share Share this post on Digg Del.icio.us Technorati Twitter Lumious likes this. The reason I think Windows keeps crashing is that it somehow knows what the time is, while not using the hardware clock, so then it updates the hardware clock, and when check my blog erm, i got a better idea, il using Windows and going to the website and clicking on Download where it says "download".

No offense taken. #57 Peter Smith July 18, 2014 No offense, but how can anyone who’s ever used Winblows NOT know what RAR is. And please everyone, make some noise, as i have said before...post it in feedback, tweet to Dona, call Microsoft, visit your local MS store, tweet/email/msg paul thurott/dan rubino/zac bowden/ mary jo However, every time you update and install a new kernel, its "header files" packages come with, and these packages can contain > 10,000 files.