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Out No Where Bsod Hoping To Figure Out Whats Wrong Hoping It


I then proceed to disconnect the power from it and wait a short while. I'm kind of back to square one. :( Please help. When I change it's slot and start my cpu it is giving a beep like sound . You mentioned that there was some kind of conflict with the registry, hence I recommended you so. http://aurdev.com/blue-screen/bsod-at-random-times-no-idea-whats-causing-it.html

Though, there were 2 voltages I saw that were around the range 1.5 - 1.8 if my memory serves me correct. also check the battery on your mobo see if it is still good . just got off work and seen whats going on . The highest reported temperature is 51, 57, 47 degrees celsius. http://www.sevenforums.com/bsod-help-support/328951-out-no-where-bsod-hoping-figure-out-whats-wrong-hoping.html

How To Fix Blue Screen Windows 7

Once a couple of weeks shall do just fine.About the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), I suspect it is just a RAM slot issue. I will search how to set BIOS to factory and see if this may help this issue. RAM Slot LeversThe levers for the memory slot are white in this example.

  1. I decided to download some drivers (some kind of intel display drivers, which included a vga driver aswell).
  2. If it's not enough, I'll do the testing when I get back from classes in the evening. (if memtest86 is sufficient) Is the next possible culprit the hard drive?
  3. If not, have it done professionally.@mona I think your computer may have been affected by a power surge or some other electrical problem.
  4. However when removing the ram I did notice that there was dust down in the slot which I am wondering could be the reason.
  5. BSOD Help and Support Questions that I'm hoping that it will clear my doubtI have questions that I'm hoping that it will clear my doubts.
  6. All fans are oporational.
  7. It's incredibly invaluable.
  8. I know my writing is poor, because my brain is scattered all over the place. *Edit 1: Just got 2 bsod's while preparing to restore.

Authorentreri283 years ago from Joplin, MO@spereira Your problem is hard to diagnose. I came back and guess what, i start my firefox. Jean DAndrea2 years ago from Victoria, AustraliaExcellent advice about RAM, which can cause all sorts of problems. Windows 7 Blue Screen On Startup It is possible all the memory modules are damaged if your computer experienced a serious power surge.

I just hope it's the memmory, if not, its either the CPU, GPU or motherboard. How To Fix Blue Screen Windows 10 If that's the case, then I'll likely do what I did before to cause the crash and see what happens. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-Inch Tablet (Wi-Fi)(16 GB, Smoky Titanium)Buy Now About MeI became interested in computers at a young age and took formal computer repair classes. click to read more the hard drive is now 2 days old and the case and CPU fan are allso 2 days old.

or is it too weak? Blue Screen Error In Windows Xp Frequent BSODs.... Because my computer has been fine so far. do you have any overclock?

How To Fix Blue Screen Windows 10

and bought my 2nd hdd. Go Here you did state your system is overclocked which would put a bit of a strain on psu . How To Fix Blue Screen Windows 7 When i turn my pc on it starts up then stops. Blue Screen Error Windows 8 The file cabinet full of folders for all your projects is like the storage on your hard drive.

Lalit Kumar3 years ago I have recently changed my motherboard & CPU with a Nvidia geforce 210 & a hard drive of 500 gb. weblink Again tyvm . Impressive!P.S Im a computer engr, student and I am impress Brandon Hart3 years ago from The GameThis is very informational - i hate dead ram! And I hope to work together some more tomorrow!*Quick Edit: I'm going to test Hard Disk Sentinel while I'm studying. How To Fix Blue Screen Error In Windows 7

For these blue screen errors, follow the fatal exception error troubleshooting steps. wish i knew about this at the start lol . I can't figure out what's wrong with my computer, can someone help? http://aurdev.com/blue-screen/bsod-without-the-bsod-cause-i-lose-input-to-monitors.html This type of gradual deterioration of PC performance, especially with memory-intensive programs, may be caused by a RAM problem.

Note that I removed many of the other components to make the memory more visible. My Computer Screen Is Blue Tint ChicanoJun 7, 2016, 9:15 PM Your hard drives seem OK but you also have to check for bad secotors which HD Setinel also points out, and a few bad sectors are And I hope to work together some more tomorrow!*Quick Edit: I'm going to test Hard Disk Sentinel while I'm studying.

This gives me some areas to check out.

I tried to update the drivers for the graphics card/chipset. write the first portion of this error message down. played a bit of dota2 and some of the tombraiders ( tom raider 1, anniversary and Legend), allso used firefox a lot, not even a sign of a crash :P soo Windows Xp Blue Screen On Startup It means a lot.

tyyyyyy' Mohammed Arafath7 months ago Well somewhat I'm able to understand , I'm using a transcend ram which works and sometimes does not work when fixing into the slot , the Type msconfig in the box and press enter. As a result, I thought these were driver issues. his comment is here Ask !

It will probably stay on one of the initials screens. i would first recommend getting a legit OS . fresh install windows and then install the proper drivers for everything. Not too sure what's the best OS to go for.

Maybe it's just inconsistent and will come back tomorrow. But, be clear about the knowledge of virtual memory. If you do not see anything written in all caps with underscores like this, skip this step. well couple things could be that issue .

take it to a pc tech don't just see if it works in another comp .. ud10933 years ago from ?The better does it go higher than 1600mhz QJ UK3 years ago Thank you entreri, I've posted on a few support forums and you are the first jj952 months ago when iopen mycomputer in desktop it takes too much time to show the localdisk' is it problem of ram FREE GAMES2 months ago i am very glad your A bad PSU, well all components need a stable flow or the right voltage and since all hardware are electrical and handle data, so the symptoms can be similar.

black screen, displaydriver stopped responding blabalbla. Also check your BIOS and/or Windows power options setting and disable them in the BIOS, the PDF user manual should indicate the setting to configure, and in Windows set the High My question is that I have Asus Notebook X550C. Thanks for all the help so far!

I manage to use pc but as soon as i shut it down or restart for any reason the same thing happens again. i guess this means there weren't any issues because i didn't get any notice after logging in aswell.Tomorow i will see if i still get BSOD when starting a game like Incompatible drivers & hardware. However, I keep having problems getting my AMD radeon graphics card drivers installed (using their crimson installer).