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Blue Screens and other errors

BSOD at times during startup

BSOD at Shut Down

BSOD whenever I start a fullscreen game.

Blue Screen - Windows 7 64bit

Friends Blue Screen Problem

BSODs 1033

BSOD with every game

BSOD without the BSOD cause I lose input to monitors

Computer blue screened

BSOD on start up with different errors each time

BSOD after Windows splash but before login

BSOD after updating AMD Graphic Drivers

2 PC's - Exact/Similar Builds - BSOD's! Related?

BSOD error dump files (blue screen error) please help

Sporadic BSOD while browsing internet or gaming

BSOD in a variety of tasks

BSOD on less than 1 year old system

BSOD frequently at random times


BSOD Randomly at night AND Sometimes while installing certain games.

Occasional failing to start up and BSOD

BSOD related to GPU while gaming

BSOD while away from computer + occasionally during use

Various BSOD crashes on new computer

Kindly Help Me Out from the blue screen problem!

BSOD Error in Windows 7

BSOD after fresh format on new SSD disk

Blue screen error of death while installing Windows in Dell GX280

BSOD When putting computer to sleep

Did not See BSOD

Problems with BSOD on Shutting Down or Restarting

Random BSODs and freezing

BSOD when opening Steam first 2 times

BSOD on wakeup

Constant Crashes/BSOD with different error messages.

win7 netbook bsod help please

Laptop crashed with Blue screen

blue screen (well black) of death

All sort of BSODs when watching streaming videos

BSOD when I did anything

BSOD after upgrading to W7

Random Occasional BSODs While Doing Anything

BSOD while trying to format/boot up laptop

BSOD at seeminly random times with different error messages

Frequent BSOD doing normal work


Multiple BSOD with no apparent pattern/reason

BSOD error: 0x116 ; Fuzzy screen

Blue Screen on new MSI U 270 netbook

Blue Screen after started the game

BSOD while playing various games

BSOD during login.

BSOD after installing new memory

Windows 7 Asus blank blue screen upon startup

Random BSOD after intalling Windows 7 on new SSD

BSOD while updating Steam games.

How to find culprit of BSOD

Dell Inspiron 1545 BSOD

BSOD when computer set to go to sleep (hard drive?)


BSOD intermittently

Random BSOD while running common tasks

bsod plus other issues

BSOD While playing any graphic intensive game 0x00000018

BSOD at shutdown.

BSOD! - Please help :)

bluescreen error. :'( please help

Windows 7 blue screen problem

BSOD after HD install

BOSD while doing anything on the computer

BSOD When using internet

Win7 BSOD while playing

BSOD randomly - Continues after Reformatting

Windows 7 Bluescreen's - Please help!

BSOD at startup or right after

2 BSOD ?Sound Problem?

BSOD while playing spore error 0x00000116

Repeat Blue Screen during Start-up for New Computer

BSOD all the time

BSOD Windows Home Premium 64bit

After a couple of different BSOD my laptop doesn't work properly.

Blue Screen only when playing games

BSOD during games

BSOD General browsing and downloading a 58mb file

Bluescreen crash !

BSOD - Hardware error but cannot pinpoint

Two different BSODs after Dell XPS 17 was running normally for 5-7min.

Random BSOD problem

Blue Screen Windows 7! Please guide Me

Several BSOD errors

Just Installed SSD. BSOD when coming from Sleep.

BSOD on Windows7 2-3 times per week

BSOD at random times (often at night when no one is using computer)

Need Help Identifying problem Bluescreen Error Messages

Blue Screen Error [Help]

windows 7 bsod problem :((

BSOD when playing YouTube videos

The Return of the BSoD for No Apparent Reason

Black BSOD while playing Skyrim

BSOD - Several BSOD errors - Frequently

BSOD from gaming

BSOD while watching stream

BSOD on various games

DVR BSODing when put into sleep mode

BSOD in a variety of Situations

BSOD on boot

BSOD while playing/starting steam related games

BSOD playing fifa/watching netflix

BSOD randomly on completely new build

Frequent varying BSOD Issues

BSOD after video card upgrade

BSOD with browser and game client open

Anyone can help me? BSOD

BSOD error everytime I sleep or Hibernate the laptop

WIN 7 BSOD Fresh install

BSOD.after looking at other examples on here

PC keeps crashing and getting Blue Screen

BSOD keeps appearing during startup

Another dreaded BSOD - please help

Still got a BSOD problem

BSOD keep occured.please help.

BSOD 3B constantly when doing simple thing.

BSOD during Installing / Games / Videos

Blue Screen.sad face

BSOD on HP Elite

BSODs (2) started suddenly appearing - Win 7

BSOD with hardware error on HP desktop i5-650

BSoD is preventing boot

FNG Can't Solve Bluescreen Issues

BSOD version 5

BlueScreen Error

BSOD at random times and at restarts

Typical BSOD situation

Blue screen problem with dual boot

BSOD when connecting to the internet

Blue Screen after start of Windows 7 Virtual PC XP Mode

random bsod and restarts

BSOD while installing


BSOD while doing just about anything

BSOD since started using 2 monitors. Even under no load at all.

BSOD more and more frequent using the PC

BSOD comes quick

bsod w7 x64 problem

Page_fault BSOD on a new computer build.

New PC Constant crash and BSOD

Constant BSOD after previous problems

please help me blue screen of death

BSOD At Sleep Wake (And Others)

BSOD on my Laptop!

Bsod - help me!

Cant Get into windows automatic BSOD

BSOD browsing internet

BSOD often after reboot or windows update

BSOD for no known reason

out no where Bsod hoping to figure out whats wrong hoping it

How to solve Blue Screen problem?

Help on A BSOD

BSOD running IE9

Win7 laptop sometimes BSODs at start up

blue screen then pci-e connected


so many BSOD's on day

BSOD and Random Crashes for over a yr

Win7 Pro x64 - BSOD

Various BSOD messages that occur usually while gaming but not always

Blue Screen tr?s souvent

BSOD - Hope I did this right

Just reformated but still BSOD

BSOD crash after upgrading memory

Random BOSD messages whenever i open my laptop

BSOD with new install of WIN7 Pro 64

BSOD while running chksdk and scanning the HD for errors

BSOD Errors when restarting PC

BSOD randomly occuring during normal computer use

BSoD while playing Diablo 3.

Occasional BSODs and Lock-Ups on new computer build

bsod w7 ultimate 64 bit

Random BSOD on Laptop

BSOD problem.

BSOD when connecting to wireless[0x00000000C0000005]

BSOD randomly after OCing

BSOD after clean windows install on home build

Problem Name : blue screen

BSOD Randomly getting two different BC codes: c000021a and 3b

BSOD after trouble with LAN

BSOD while using office 2013

Computer Bluescreens! Windows 7 64 bit

BSOD on Toshiba laptop

Occasional BSOD 0x00000124

BSOD playing Minecraft

BSOD in a new machine (perhaps some software issue?)

BSOD on Boot while loading drivers

BSOD during regular use (gaming

BSOD while playing any game

Just Received Laptop Which Will BSOD Randomly.

BSODs after clean install

BSOD all of a sudden after 3 months after installing Windows 7


BSOD when playing diablo 3

Graphic card possibly causing BSOD

BSOD only when i shutdown or restart the computer - new install

BSOD seems to occur at random

Help! Bluescreen again!

Blue screen of death Windows 7

BSOD when accessing & surfing internet

bluescreen after sleeping

BSOD causing repetitive windows failure

BSOD a few minutes after start up

BSOD & Mem Dump on every shut down & restart

PC randomly BSoD while shutting down

Random BSOD in windows 7!

BSOD when running Netflix or youtube

Win 7 x64 BSoD

BSOD after black screen right before shutdown

I would love to get this annoying BSOD while playing games.

BSOD random crashes

BSOD too frequently

Freezes and Blue Screen

BSOD at Random times - No idea whats causing it

Man I'm sick of the random BSODs

BSOD during desktop loading after welcome screen error 0x00000050

BSOD after an update last week

BSOD's every hour

BSOD for the 50+ time. I give up.

blue screen with squiggly white lines with a hummingbird and a branch

BSOD during Regular and Gamin computer use

BSOD after Starting Windows. (install)

BSOD frequently but happens randomly

Taking an age to shut down. Twice had blue screen !

BSOD help

BSOD at different times

BSOD on start up but then okay on reboot

daily BSOD's over a couple of weeks

my screen has crashed with this dmp file

BSOD coming frequently

BSOD repetitively during start-up

My NP-RV711-A01US NoteB. is blue screening a lot. can reinstall.

Random BSODs with demanding applications

BSOD on games loading screen

Windows 7 Unexpected Shutdown from Desktop BSOD

BSOD: Many different messages

Blue screen on startup.

BSOD while i'm playing

Constant BSOD error.

BSODs and freezes at random

System unstable unable to provide BSOD files

Random BSOD on Turning on my PC

recurring blue screens

BSOD general trouble Stumpped

BSOD's and Startup Repairs

BSOD during youtube

BSOD diagnose

BSOD at windows boot

BSOD several minutes after boot

BSOD while using Turbo Key setting.

Bluescreen since new win7 x64 installed

BSOD multiple times on "new" Dell Outlet Inspiron Desktop

Windows 7 OS Bluescreen Crash at Startup

BSOD while watching a YouTube video

BSOD upon login

BSOD while playing games after Dusting

Windows 7 crashes and bluescreen issue

BSOD Occurs randomly and restarts computer

How to troubleshoot this blue screen ?

bsod and i need to know how to acess the file

Blue Screen & issue with Ati Mobility Radeon HD5650

Windows 7 Home Premium Blue Screen Error

BSOD randomly crashed error 0x000000C4

BSOD during intitial Windows logon or within 5 min.

Blue screen error 1033 and crashing

BSOD everytime i start my laptop

BSOD constantly after Startup

Random (so it seems) BSOD

BSOD and Graphics Issues

Had BSOD's. Reinstalled. Just got my first one again.

Random BSOD and startup problems

New Mobo/CPU/RAM - > BSOD followed by missing/corrupt error on startup

Blue screen appear

BSOD after standby

BSOD Windows x64

BSOD daily oem fujitsu install

Minidump BSOD

BSOD after (trying) put Notebook Lenovo X61T to sleep or hybernate

Blue screen problem on windows iltimate 64 bit

BSOD regularly but randomly

BSOD (Crash info included)

Help. bluesceen! Ongoing battle with computer.

BSOD issues

BIOS Blue Screen

BSOD before booting Desktop

BSOD happening a lot (Windows 7)

bsod randomly for the last two weeks

BSOD in sleep mode

blue screen for dvd drive

BlueScreen due to older graphics card or motherboard

BSOD appearing often

BSOD Programs crash Help?

BSODs from several sources + glitchy screens/sound

Many BSoD and some freezing

Numerous BSOD screens

New system New BSOD problem.

Random BSOD's random error codes

Repeated Blue Screen of Death

BSOD Constantly even in safe mode

Sony Laptop is crashing frequently

Multiple Blue Screens happening randomly

BSOD when trying to print

BSOD issue

Random BSOD since notebook recover

BSOD problems on new pc

BSOD 1x a day NEW machine HP Touchsmart i7 600q

Windows 7 showing bluescreen error

BSOD on startup - Acer Aspire One

BSOD F4 Trying to play games

Continuous BSOD's even after new Win7 install onto new SSD

BSOD While Playing PC Games

BSOD randomly while playing a game

BSOD while watching youtube video (?)

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